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Pony of the Americas

Published: 05/27/2008 in Breeds

This breed of ponies must have Appaloosa color & characteristics to become permanently registered. They must also be 46-56 inches in height at 5 years of age. POAs look, act and perform like small stock-type horses.


Published: 05/27/2008 in Breeds

The Percheron is characterized by a square forehead, long ears, and a straight profile. Percherons have long, heavy necks, a broad chest, prominent withers, a short back, heavy muscles in the lower thigh, and a deep girth.

Paso Fino

Published: 05/27/2008 in Breeds

Today's Paso Fino reflects its Spanish heritage through its proud carriage, elegance, and natural four-beat gait. When most people first see a Paso Fino, they are impressed by its noble appearance.